Do you want to steer your child’s energy on the right course? Help them to become a successful entrepreneur through our video lessons. They will provide your child with all necessary information support! These video materials are from the project I-SEED: Innovations – Social Entrepreneurship and Education which is being implemented in partnership with Chevron and the Akimat of Atyrau Oblast.

We will tell you about all intricacies of running a business, from drafting an original business plan to the fundamentals of financial literacy, and teach you to build business relations required for your success. And importantly, we will explain how social entrepreneurship helps to resolve pressing social problems and improve people’s lives.

Are you ready? Then watch our videos:

  • About entrepreneurship. What is entrepreneurship, and what do entrepreneurs do? Learn from this video.
  • Finance is simple! The ability to manage money efficiently will help you not only in your business but also in your personal financial affairs. How to manage your budget? Learn from this video.  
  • Our society, our responsibility. Why know about the problems and complexities of the modern world? Because everyone is responsible for society in which they live. How do your everyday actions affect the world around you? Learn from this video.
  • Social entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurs, like common entrepreneurs, engage in commercial activities, but allocate a portion of their income towards social problems. From this video you will learn how to create a business which will improve people’s lives.
  • Networking. Running a business involves fruitful communication with lots of people, from suppliers and customers to business partners. That’s networking – building business relations which are necessary for your success. Learn more from this video.
  • Entrepreneur’s qualities. Fraser Doherty started to make jam in his parent’s kitchen when he was 14. In two years he made a contract with the UK’s largest jam plant, and now he is a successful millionaire entrepreneur. Determination, curiosity and ability to handle problems in a creative manner – these are the qualities that secured Fraser’s success. Learn more about Fraser’s success story from this video.
  • Business plan. Business plan is 50% of your success, therefore it is critical that it is as clear and efficient as possible. How to draft a sound business plan? Learn from this video