On 29 February the British Council Kazakhstan held the I SEED HACKATHON on social entrepreneurship in Atyrau. The event was a competition. Young people (students and young professionals) aged between 16 and 25 came together and worked in groups to design social entrepreneurship projects which in a short time could grow into genuine start-ups. The judges were successful businesspeople and representatives from the city’s Department of Education.

As well as promoting social entrepreneurship and encouraging young people to work together in planning projects, the event was important as it supported networking among future entrepreneurs, brought them into contact with established businesspeople and highlighted the contribution young entrepreneurs could make to the Atyrau region’s economic development.   

The I SEED HACKATHON is part of the I-SEED: Innovations – Social Entrepreneurship and Education Development programme run by the British Council in partnership with Chevron. It was launched in Atyrau in 2017 – following successful delivery in Almaty and Nur-Sultan - with support from the regional Akimat and as part of Chevron’s Youth Development Programme which provides young people with innovative and interactive educational opportunities.

I-SEED aims to support socially mobile forward looking young Kazakhs by giving them the knowledge and skills to become successful social entrepreneurs and to launch their own enterprises and/or to secure gainful future employment and to have successful careers. This will enable them to contribute positively to the development of their local communities and more widely to Kazakhstan’s long-term sustainable economic development.