“Samgau” – is a business festival for young Atyrau residents, the project is aimed to promote the ideas of social entrepreneurship. Since its creation in 2018 more than a thousand of schoolchildren and students have already attended it.

The fifth “Samgau” business festival for young people in Atyrau was held on January 16, 2021 as a part of the “I-SEED: Innovation - Social Entrepreneurship and Education” project. The event was organised by the British Council in partnership with Chevron Corporation and Atyrau oblast Akimat.

The event is aimed to interest schoolchildren and students in entrepreneurship, and introduce them with business and leadership skills development opportunities.

The project is held on annual basis. And we are happy to see its contributions into to the development of active young people in Atyrau. The “Samgau” Festival offers potential startups the best opportunity to dive into the business atmosphere, improve their financial literacy and solve social issues of the city, - says Chevron Community and Engagement Coordinator Zhanar Koshpanova.

Successful entrepreneurs and leading business trainers presented the “Samgau” Festival online participants their own cases and various business aspects.

Participants of our festival learned the basics of entrepreneurship from accomplished business professionals and coaches, who talked about various aspects of running their own business. They shared their knowledge on how to learn entrepreneurship, how to generate their own start-up ideas, how to implement projects without a budget, how to present their businesses to their future audiences, - said I-SEED project manager Abay Amirov.

The festival participants were also able to take part in the “Abay Oqulary” poetry reading competition, which was held in honor of the 175th anniversary of the great Kazakh poet Abay Kunanbayev; and the family competition "Dad, Mom and I – are a StartUP family" for the best social project; watch the premiere of the documentary movie “I started my business under 25” about the success stories of young entrepreneurs of Atyrau. At the end of the festival, participants were invited to a Kazakh pop singer Miras Zhugunusov’s online concert. More than 1000 people watched the event.

To watch the Business Festival, please, follow the link.