By British Council

28 December 2020 - 11:09

After the car accident Aigerim Ilessova from Atyrau had to find the strength to continue her life and adapt to her new reality. In 2018, this led to her decision to join the I-Seed programme run in partnership between the British Council and Chevron. After two years we met up with Aigerim and listen to her story. 

“I had come across the I-SEED project whilst I was browsing Instagram (I could use my fingers to navigate on phone screen, since it sensory). Then I found an advert for the event and submitted my application. Finally, I-Seed trainer Baglan welcomed me at the first training session. Every morning at 9 am, I was first in class, ready to acquire knowledge and to meet new people and throughout the training was accompanied by my younger brother. Positive vibes, the prospect of new knowledge gained and new friends made during my participation in I-SEED gave me hope to recover soon".

Aigerim notes that working with younger people and seeing them realise their ambition to bring social impact to their hometowns has inspired her. 

"Looking at the accomplishments of the other participants, I have embraced the importance of self-discipline and positive thinking. Every day, I was waking up in a good mood, despite of all ambiguities and challenges I was facing. Among the participants I met Aliya who became my close friend. She underwent training on social entrepreneurship in the same group as me". 

Our participant also shared her gratitude Baglan who worked as a trainer on I-Seed. 

He worked with me unabashed and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable about my disability. His positive approach really gave me strength. We covered all stages of establishing a social project; how to generate an idea, how to find investors, how to design a business plan, and even how to pitch naturally. Collaborative work and constructive content inspired me to launch my start up and share thoughts with the Atyrau activists”. 

Currently Aigerim works as a "Nauli-Vakum" Instructor (inner energy practice) and she is an author of daily "Nauli-Vakum" three week marathons where she supports and trains women how to control inner energy and express themselves.

Nauli is internal cleansing practice and has been used for thousands of years, where you can strengthen your muscles, and balance your physical and inner state’.

She is planning to write a book “Live in the present” which sets out to describe that life is beautiful and that we need to try to find happiness in common, daily things.