English toolkit for learning English

With an experience of more than 80 years in over 100 different countries, the British Council is a world authority in English language teaching and assessment. We bring to you an expansive array of online resources to help users learn English in an entertaining and engaging manner.

These resources are in the form of interactive apps, websites, videos, podcasts and books, and are aimed at a variety of audiences. Using commonplace situations, prominent celebrities and socially relevant stories, every resource seeks to engage users while teaching them English.

This guide is a catalogue of our materials for learning and teaching English, equipping users with effective tools to improve everyday English language skills.

Any test taker preparing for IELTS – the high-stakes English test for study, migration and work, or Aptis – a test taken to assess English language skills, would benefit immensely from the vast number of easily available materials.

In fact, these resources would be valuable to learners as well as teachers. 

Download the English Toolkit for free.