Professional exams
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If you are a professional looking to develop your career prospects, we can help you sit internationally recognised exams to enhance your professional development.

To gain any of the following qualifications you should first register with your chosen organisation, following the specific procedures described on their website. The exams are usually scheduled by the organisations directly and we act as their examination centre in Kazakhstan.

Who we partner with

You can study with several top professional bodies and take your exams in Kazakhstan. We work with

The above list of qualifications and institutions is not exhaustive. We can conduct exams on behalf of any professional institution.

Examinations fees and regulations

We charge local fees to cover all costs related to the administration of the exams and the dispatch of scripts by courier. These fees are paid directly by the institution or by the candidates, depending on the requirements of the client examining institution.

Local fees may vary depending on the exam board, exam duration, the number of candidates sitting the same exam and, in some cases, on the share of the board fees, when these have to be paid to the client institution by our Centre.

Payment for Distance exams (university and professional) if covered by individuals

  • Confirm with the Awarding body the possibility of sitting the test with the British Council either in Almaty or Astana
  • Send your  booking request form to this e-mail indicating test dates, start/finish time of the test, location (Almaty/Astana), name of the awarding body
  • We will send you a confirmation statement and invoice for payment within 5 working days 
  • Payment should be made via bank transfer within 5  calendar days before the test date
  • Please quote name of the test,  test date, location and your  full name on the bank payment order
  • Please submit the copy of the bank payment receipt on the test day 



The British Council and the examining boards take all reasonable steps to provide continuity of service. We feel sure you will understand, however, that we cannot be held responsible for any interruptions caused by circumstances beyond our control. If examinations or their results are disrupted, cancelled or delayed, every effort will be made to resume normal service as soon as possible. The British Council’s liability will be limited to the refund of the registration fee or retesting at a later date.

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