Thursday 25 June 2020

One of the results of the Creative Producers programme is an experimental project of the director Maxim Fadeev in his ИЛИтеатр.ortheatr digital theatre

The project is a digital performance “Waiting. Fantasies on the Godot theme” based on the “Waiting for Godot” play by the Irish writer Samuel Beckett. The new creative presentation of the play-blog is a series of daily posts of various formats (video, audio, visual materials, texts) that imitates the life of characters in social networks. 

The performance is supposed to continue for two months but its duration will also depend on the audience feedback.

To watch the performance, you need to visit the project page every day, where you can see, hear and read it.

The roles are performed by:

Estragon - Askar Urmanov

Vladimir - Vladimir Yudin