In the end of each year schools participate in an Annual Project Fair to celebrate and mark the programme achievements. The festival provides an opportunity for teachers to showcase what they have learned on the programme, through poster presentations and evidence-based portfolios. The level of care taken in preparing the posters and portfolios is impressive. The teachers make short poster presentations and display creative table-top exhibits to showcase the outcomes of the implementation, including the outcomes of their action research, scientific inquiries, projects and reports. The festival also provides an opportunity to identify case studies for developing publications and thank the project partners. 

During the 2019 festival, there were several short presentations from teachers about what they had learned through the programme, delivered in plenary style at the Yessenov University lecture theatre. Two English teachers and two STEM teachers each presented to the assembled group. In addition, two teachers reported on their English and STEM Camp experiences as Camp Leaders. 

Nicky Hockly, the TCE consultant, visited all of the poster presentations during the festival and looked briefly at the teachers’ portfolios. She pointed out that “there were plenty of English teachers on hand to help with translations for those teachers who didn't speak any English. The overall standard and care taken with the poster presentations, and the wealth of detail in most of the portfolios, were impressive.”