Saturday 23 April 2016 -
14:30 to 15:50

Popular French stylist Pierre-Alexandre Fillaire will be giving a public talk on 23 April in Almaty. 

The theme of the lecture will be ‘Building ones identity.’ From the 19th to the 21st century, the way people dress and act dramatically changed and our approach and perception of the group is different. Trying to comprehend the evolution in terms of style in Western Europe, this lecture will focus on European and American contemporary studies including Roland Barthes and Ted Polhemus.

The lecture will be held in French, with consecutive Russian translation.

Venue: Grand Hall, BIYEN Conference Room, Almaty Towers, Baizakov 280.

Time: 14.30-15.50

Entrance is free. Registration is required due to a limited number of spaces. Please use this link to register.

About Pierre-Alexandre Fillaire 

French born and raised, Pierre is a freelance stylist looking to redefine fashion through strong styling and a persistent mindset. Assistant of Lady Amanda Harlech and Chris Sutton since 2015, Pierre discovered how style can influence an image or translate an identity. While advertising has the effect of standardising fashion by imposing ready-made silhouettes, Lady Harlech always pushes the boundaries to create an identity she believes in. Pierre learnt that being true to one’s identity gives much more value to a work. 

Pierre published an editorial in the paper German magazine Whitelies. He also worked on young designer KA WA KEY's advertising campaign for AW16.

It often feels that the Parisian truly defines her identity not only through the clothes she wears but through her style.