Wednesday 20 September 2017

The British Council, in partnership with Kazakh British Technical University (KBTU), the Almaty Development Centre (ADC) and the Akimat of Almaty, will host a one-day WeAlmaty Forum on 22 September from 10.00 to 17.00 at KBTU (room 461).

The forum is part of the three-year WeAlmaty project aimed to advance dialogue between the government, non-government organisations and civil society to form “a city of active citizens” through targeted development of civil society.

The project is funded by the European Union.

The forum will bring together representatives of the local government, social and creative entrepreneurs, NGOs and civil society organisations to share ideas, perceptions and knowledge on civic engagement in urban developments.


The main theme of the forum is “Promoting a Culture of Civic Engagement in the Development of Almaty.” It will be the place for discussions and the sharing of experience, opinions and knowledge facilitated by a group of experts.


To learn more about the forum, please feel free to download the programme and see the list of speakers.


  • local authorities
  • NGOs
  • social and creative industries
  • civil society organisations
  • civil society activists

Set up your stall 

During the WeAlmaty Forum we will be running a market place style activity. The purpose of the market place is to share examples of civic, social, tech, creative and city administration initiatives in Almaty which have the goal of supporting smart city development and quality of life in Almaty. 

If you’re involved in an initiative in a professional or personal capacity, or you are part of an organisation or network doing exciting new things to make Almaty a better city to live, work or play we’d love you to set up a market stall. This is an informal way for you to talk about their work and interests, to share your achievements, your mission and what it represents, and how you’re working with different groups of people in the city. It’s also a chance to network, as well as to get new ideas and tap into different peoples’ skills, know-how and resources to help you with your initiative. 

The market place activity will take place in the early afternoon, after the plenary session. 

Each market stall holder will have a small area in the room to set out their stall. We will provide you with a table or chair and you can bring information, images, examples of your work, objects or anything you’d like people to see, hear, touch, feel and discuss. 

Remember, this is an informal session so there is no need to prepare a lengthy presentation. The most important thing is to use the market place activity to learn and share experiences. 

If you’d like to take part as a market stall holder, please let us know when you register to attend the WeAlmaty Forum. 


To take part in the forum, please register online. Registration is open until 20 September 2017.