The Atyrau Youth Development Initiative (further AYDI) is a project aimed at developing Atyrau and its young residents in various fields - from urbanism to social entrepreneurship. The initiative is developed and managed by a coalition of the British Council, Impact Hub Almaty and Urban Forum Kazakhstan in partnership with the Atyrau Oblast Akimat and is fully sponsored by Chevron Corporation.

The main goal of the project is development of Atyrau in three key areas: openness, inclusion, and equality. The AYDI aims to support young people to improve their economic productivity and social activity. Young people aged 10 to 29 are more than welcome to take part in the initiative.

The AYDI is a venue for helping Atyrau residents to get new skills, self-confidence, and networking projects to fulfill their potential and participate in strong and inclusive communities.

From the moment of its creation in 2020 the AYDI has hosted a range of large-scale events like: hackathons, networking sessions, contests and much more.

The British Council projects within the AYDI:

I-SEED: Innovations – social entrepreneurship and education.

Jaspace STEM Lab - STEM courses.

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