Thursday 31 October 2019 - 23:02 to Sunday 10 November 2019 - 23:59

From 13 to 18 January, 2020 “WeAlmaty” will take several activists from Almaty to the UK Study Visit! Participants will visit a number of different organisations in London, Manchester and Bristol. 

The aims of the study visit are:

•  To explore the roles that different parts of local government and different sectors of a city’s economy can play to support community engagement, social action and social enterprise at a city –region or local level
•  To explore different levers (financial options, start up and support services, capacity development and training, volunteer frameworks, asset transfer and other models)
•  To understand the legislative and policy context in a UK country or region at the city-region or local level
•  To explore different models of social action/ enterprise and community engagement in the UK
•  To find out about the different motivations and ways in which people get involved in social action and social enterprise in the UK
•  To explore the role of digital social innovation- and technology as an enabler in social action and community engagement
•  To learn about the role of leadership as an enabler.


By the end of the study visit, we expect you to be able to apply these approaches to your own work and activities in Almaty. Given that the study visit will take place in the UK, we will accept applications from those who speak English.  All participants on the visit will be expected to write a short report on return analyzing their learning and detailing how they expect to apply what they have learned in their work and/or civic or volunteering activity.

Please note that the dates of the study visit are fixed and no accommodation can be made for applicants who are unable to attend during these dates. 

Deadline is 10 November.