In this module the students take on the role of researchers working for the MGrowth Media Company. Their head of research met an ex-colleague at a conference who is using yeast in his cancer research. He and his colleagues have commissioned MGrowth to recommend the best conditions for growing yeast cells. The students in their team carry out a scientific inquiry to identify the best growing conditions. They produce a research poster to present their inquiry and recommendations to the client.  

The students are introduced to the context through the video and Memorandum. They then produce a mind map of what they already know about cells. They learn about the technology and discoveries that have helped to develop our understanding of cells. They learn about membranes and carry out an experiment to explore how chemicals pass in and out of cells. They also learn about the research the client has already carried out on cancer using yeast cells. Finally, they plan and carry out their inquiry and then produce their research poster, before evaluating their inquiry and that of another group and assessing how well they have worked as a team.