Creative Central Asia 2019 main visual


Leaders from across the region’s creative sector will come together again with UK counterparts in November 2019 for the third Creative Central Asia leadership conference – which will be held in Tashkent for the first time – where they will continue the dialogue, review progress and push the cultural and creative economy agenda forward. And although the conference vision, objectives and scale will stay broadly the same for Creative Central Asia 2019, this year’s conference will differ from last year’s in terms of participant mix, focal themes for discussion whilst retaining its focus on practical action eg. through development and use of frameworks for action, provision of supporting toolkits etc. For continuity and learning, a number of last year’s most dynamic participants will be invited back although the majority of this year’s participants will be new, in order to increase the size of the leadership network.


Topic 4. Business models for Creative Economy

What kind of business education does the sector need and from whom? 

How does practitioner experience connect to learning and development needs and what enabling schemes do we need for sustainable growth?

Topic 5. Skills for creative entrepreneurs

How best to ‘teach’ or stimulate entrepreneurship for the specific needs of the creative sector?

Are our education and training systems giving us what we need for digital enterprise and ‘createch’? Is the next generation being equipped with the right digital skills for the creative industries?

Topic 6. Cultural Management

How best to educate existing and new staff in the management of the cultural sector?

From policy to practice how do we ‘future proof’ our cultural organisations in different sectors to be sustainable. Moving organisations to be vision led and audience focused.

Topic 7. Technical Education

How relevant and transferable is the current TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) system for the creative industries?

Is the next generation being equipped with the right digital skills for the creative industries?