This module focuses on chemical change, providing an introduction to the fundamentals of the study of chemical reactions. 

Episode 1: Chemistry Watch

This episode uses the context of a family breakfast in the kitchen; students observe a range of physical and chemical changes leading them to draw distinctions between chemical and physical changes and provide definitions of both. Students then go on to learn what to look for as evidence of chemical reactions having taken place and also to identify them as either exothermic or endothermic. They then use the contexts and the chemistry of everyday applications of ‘glow sticks’ and self-heating canned drinks. This involves two students’ investigations and inquiry-based learning approaches. 

Episode 2: Firework safety

In episode two of the module, the context and chemistry of fireworks and firework safety is introduced to help students learn about common oxidation reactions and the importance of oxygen in burning and combustion, and to understand the fire triangle. In this activity they take on the role of a fire officer, who is asked to produce a firework safety poster for use by teachers and parents.