Akmal Khasanov

Production studio Art-Vision, CEO and Founder, Dushanbe

Producer of feature films, such as "Ovora", "Let it all to be a dream", "Air Safar", TV-show "Hope for Justice". Director and producer of more than 20 documentary films. Member of Confederation of Unions of cinematographers of CIS, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Georgia. Member of Union of cinematographers of Tajikistan. Consultant of the World Bank.Member of expert board of the "Art and cultural activism" program of Open Society Institute - Assistance Foundation (2016-2017).Participant of the Cultural Academy of Goethe Institute.Films produced by A. Khasanov were awarded by Prizes in different International Film Festivals. Film "Ovora": Special Prize and the Prize for Best woman role in Eurasia IFF, Kazakhstan; The Prize of President in the International Muslims Film Festival, Tatarstan, Russia. 

Alexey Rumyantsev

Visual artist, Dushanbe 

Alexey works with video art, installations, public art, and new media. Since 2007, he took part in international contemporary art projects, including the Central Asian Pavilion at the 52nd and 54th Venice Biennale in Italy, Goethe-Institut’s workshop Art and the Environment in Tashkent, a workshop on filmmaking and video art titled Practicing Civil Responsibility through Social and Visual Media at Dushanbe Art Ground, the Neighbourhood Festival of Public Art in Bishkek, the Borders international project in Germany, the At the Crossroads exhibition at Sotheby’s in London, and Art Prospect Intensive, an educational programme in the area of socially engaged art in Odessa, among many others. He’s currently working with Dushanbe Art Ground on contemporary art and public space development projects.


Anna Martyres

ACTED Tajikistan & Bactria Cultural Centre, Project Development Officer, Dushanbe 

Bactria Cultural Centre an ACTED initiative, is now the largest and most dynamic independent cultural and educational institution in Tajikistan. Bactria’s mission is to widen access to arts, culture, education and heritage in Tajikistan, to promote gender equality, and support the development of a thriving creative economy.  In 2020, ACTED and Bactria Cultural Centre are jointly establishing the Dushanbe 3Zero House, an inclusive, collaborative space that brings together diverse actors to co-construct innovative solutions around the global vision of Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon and Zero Poverty and the SDGs. The 3Zero House will form a flagship initiative towards supporting the development of creative industries and social innovation in Tajikistan. 


Faridun Zamonov

IT-company COLIBRI, Co-founder, Dushanbe 

Marketing specialist, MA in advertising and PR (St. Petersburg State University). Faridun is a co-founder of an IT company in Tajikistan. Since September 2019, he has arranged Classes – an alternative platform for practice in marketing, SMM, and text writing. He’s also an expert of the UPSHIFT international educational programme for children and teenagers supported by UNICEF Tajikistan. Faridun has been in marketing and content management for three years. He also worked in retailing, journalism, and tourism.


Ghayrat Qodirov

Fozilova State Musical Theatre, Head, Kanibadam

Since 2015, he has produced eight performances. The Court of Fools staged by Ovlyakuli Hojakuli based on Shakespeare’s plays received international acclaim and was shown in Shanghai, London, New Delhi, and Hyderabad. The next performance was invited to festivals in Bishkek, Nizhnevartovsk, and other international festivals. Ghayrat planned and organised the Week of Kanibadam Theatre in 2017  and a major campaign titled Theatre’s Going to You in 2018 in the villages around Kanibadam. He participated in the Central Asian Cultural Academy launched by Goethe-Institut (Tashkent-Berlin, 2018), and the International Forum on Cultural Policy and Management in Central Asia. As a manager, Ghayrat is responsible for a large-scale project titled Theatre in the City. City in the Theatre running in 2018-2021. The project expects to popularise the theatre and restore its image. 


Laylo Tagaeva

PurNur Creative Agency, Director, Dushanbe 

Laylo’s business career began in 2010. With a minimal start-up budget, she managed to launch The World of Advertising Tajikistan magazine. In 2015, she founded the PurNur Creative Agency engaged in advertising and event management. In 2019, Laylo started LIMU MEDIA – a new Tajik online outlet about today’s world for young people.

Shabnam Shermatova

Museum professional, Art manager, Curator of social, creative and research projects, Dushanbe

From 2008 to 2015 Shabnam worked as an art manager, where she designed programs on developing arts and crafts of Tajikistan. Then, Shabnam continued her work in the museum field, where she initiated the first museum department on management and marketing in the country at the National Museum of Tajikistan. There, she organized first event “Museum Nights” (2013). From 2017 Shabnam has been researching international cultural and creative professional networks in order to create alternative models of open collaboration. After her MA Museum Studies Program at the University of San Francisco (Fulbright Program 2015) till nowadays she has been working as an independent curator of interdisciplinary, creative and research projects. 


Shuhrat Sharipov

Ilmhona, Co-founder, Dushanbe 

As a UNICEF Communication Officer in Tajikistan, Shuhrat sees its mission in developing the youth. He supports various projects and programmes in Tajikistan such as the Techstars StartUp Weekend, the Global Entrepreneurship Week, and Bob’s Music Award for talented young people, which he co-founded. Over a year ago, Shuhrat co-founded Ilmhona, an organisation aiming to develop young people’s technical skills in order to foster creative technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.