Abdukhakim Akhunbabaev

Uzbek Research Institute of Natural Fibers, Senior Researcher, Tashkent

MBA in Marketing Management, B.Sc. in Textile Management A Senior Researcher at Uzbek Research Institute of Natural Fibers and Founder & CEO at TANG GROUP LLC, Abdukhakim has gained experience in natural fibers research and business strategy development, management, marketing, and evaluation, in Uzbekistan and internationally. Abdukhakim is a Graduate of the Solbridge International School of Business and Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry (Uzbekistan), and pursuing the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) from the Tashkent State University of Economics. 

Anna Vedeneeva

Freelancer, Tashkent 

Anna has over 10 years’ experience as a multidisciplinary art director, creative producer and marketing manager in Central Asia. Anna’s focus is commercial videos for developing and managing Fashion Retail under Franchising, FMCG Retail, Food and Beverage. She is passionate about working on arts and cultural projects. Over the past years Anna has become one of the leading specialists in the field of creative production and brand management in Central Asia. She has an experience to cooperate with the  British Council, the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan, General Motors, Central Asian Fashion Blog, BHS fashion brand, the Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan. She also developed her businesses and owns street fashion brand and graphic design studio.


Ashot Danielyan

Ilkhom Rock Fest, founder and co-producer, Tashkent 

Poet, rock musician, author and curator of art projects in Tashkent. Specialist in Japanese language and literature. He defended his thesis on the work of the writer Haruki Murakami. Since 2000, the head and songwriter of the Tashkent indie rock band Wings of Origami, a member of local and international festivals. The author of journalistic articles on local history (Japan, Australia, Central Asia), as well as the finalist and winner of the international literary contest "Novellasia 2016". Since 2007, the founder and co-producer of the only permanent, independent rock festival in Uzbekistan, Ilkhom Rock Fest, held at the theater. An art activist, author and producer of the multidisciplinary project “A Man with a Stool” aimed at developing creative youth and supporting local art communities in Uzbekistan.


Aziz Murtazaev

Central Asia of the World Crafts Council - Asia Pacific Region, Vice President, Tashkent 

Since 1999 worked at sectors related to supporting crafts and entrepreneurship. From 2009 has been working as a Master of traditional Ikat and Natural dyeing. In 2016 founded the Crafts studio IkatUz of Margilan city. With 10 years experience in promoting and exporting traditional craft products to international markets is working on developing crafts, design and creative industry in Uzbekistan.


Aziza Pulatova

The Square Magazine, editor and co-founder, Tashkent 

As an artist, Aziza, by her own example, knows how difficult it is for a young person from the field of art to express themselves – at least to organize a simple exhibition. In order to ensure that the talent of young people does not bend under the weight of organizational issues, Aziza is working on the development of Men of Culture creative society, which goal is the implementation of creative projects. Aziza also has experience in creative producing thanks to Hendrix advertising video production agency. In addition, she is currently working on preparations for the launch of the youth magazine The Square, which is positioned as a source of relevant content that helps the student segment to find their fulfillment in the direction of education and creativity.


Bella Sabirova

ZERO LINE Contemporary Art Gallery, founder, in Tashkent

Since 2016, Bella has managed ZERO LINE’s projects. These included over 20 exhibitions of contemporary artists, free lectures on fine arts, including those for children, as well as concerts, readings, screenings, and other events. The gallery showcases and sells works by renowned painters and introduces new works by contemporary artists to the public, helping to form private and corporate collections of art. As a fully-fledged member of the market in contemporary Uzbek art, ZERO LINE supports the most creative and talented artists of various generations. It strives to promote cultural dialogue and understanding among artists and the audience.

Camilla Akhmedova

Public talks 7/1, founder, Tashkent 

In 2018, she trained at L’Officiel Russia and was the editor of Moda Magazine in Uzbekistan. 7/1 is an educational project in which people who are interested in fashion come together to learn from foreign experts. In the frame of the project, designer Zhenya Kim, a gemologist Nadia Mendelevich, as well as photographers Yevgeny Shishkin and Baurjan Bismildin had shared their experiences, discussed current topics and conducted workshops and review works in Tashkent.

Davlat Toshev

Toshev's Private Studio, Miniature Artist, Bukhara 

Davlat Toshev is a miniature artist based in Bukhara. Since 2004, he is a member of the regional association "Hunarmand" and the Academy of Arts. Creating unique patterns, he develops arts pieces in the traditional miniature painting. The master represents the Uzbek art of miniatures in France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Russia, Italy, Ukraine. Mastering the painting, calligraphy and miniature he works on the restoration of the cultural heritages of Uzbekistan and ancient books, manuscript and has an international recognition in this filed.

Dilbar Bakhodirova

GroundZero Kitob Olami Coworking Center, Head, Tashkent

GroundZero Coworking Kitob Olami aims to develop the ecosystem of entrepreneurship, the potential of creative youth, support public initiatives, create a platform for the development of young professionals from various fields. As part of the coworking, Dilbar manages the organization of the most unusual cultural events such as concerts, theater performances, readings, etc.Dilbar is a graduate of Westminster International University in Tashkent, Department of Economics and Finance. She was an university project manager at the WIUT Business Club, media coordinator at WIUT Students ’Union, participated in WIUT MUN, UWED MUN, passed the Creative Industry Management program (Garage Museum of Modern Art), Creative Producers (British Council). 


Furkat Palvan-Zade

Art and Culture Development Foundation at the Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan, Head of Publishing Projects and Communications, Tashkent 

Furkat is the founder of syg.ma, an independent platform for publications, and chief editor of inrussia.com, an outlet about Russia’s culture in English. At the Art and Culture Development Foundation he curates publishing projects and external communications.