Aigerim Bokoeva

Balasagyn Kyrgyz National University, Deputy Dean for International Relations, Bishkek

Aigerim Bokoeva holds a degree in world economics from Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University and an MBA from the American University of Central Asia. She’s also an international trainer in business management certified by Vienna University of Economics and Business. Aigerim is a coordinator and trainer of the Central Asian Centre for Teaching, Learning and Entrepreneurship (CACTLE) at Balasagyn Kyrgyz National University. She worked in international projects such as Erasmus+, and those run by the British Council and the Kühne Foundation.


Ainura Amanaliyeva

Ololo Art Studio, Co-founder, Bishkek

Ainura Amanaliyeva is a co-founder of the ololo art studio and the ololohaus co-working space in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). Until 2016 Ainura had been holding top management positions at large companies in tourism and commercial real estate sectors. In February 2016 she took part in launching a start-up – the ololo art studio – which gave music, fine arts, literature and other arts lessons to adults and children and had the ambition of “creating the number one arts academy in Asia.” This start-up later grew into an event platform and a network of co-working centres uniting creative people in Kyrgyzstan. Apart from its business activities, the ololo is known as a developer of social projects, such as Musical Erkindik – a monthly festival of street musicians (twelve festivals so far) and the Arts Wednesday – a cycle of free open lectures about arts.


Altyn Kapalova

Researcher, Bishkek

She has been creating experimental art products, combining science, art and politics. Altyn converts the results of her anthropological research into works of art\curated art projects that aim to make the voices of vulnerable communities louder for influencing political decisions and the work of political structures. Her curatorial expertise covers visual arts, theater and creative writing.

Ayimzhan Almazbekova

IZZZO, designer and co-founder, Bishkek

IZZZO was founded on 20 April 2017. IZZZO F&LCA and IZZZO Marketplace were officially launched on 6 April 2019 as part of the Cultural Revolution Movement where IZZZO took an active part and presented its Fashion Revolution. In 2018, Aiymzhan worked for BGI’s programme supported by USAID to develop the textile and garment industry. At present, she also provides consultations on fashion, design, and promotion of the fashion industry. In cooperation with her partner Aiganysh Abdrazakova and a team of soulmates, Aiymzhan is working to promote the domestic fashion sector and build an IZZZO community of progressive and creative people from all areas of the fashion industry, from photographers and digital artists to owners of production companies.


Baktygul Midinova

Museumshop, founder, Osh

Baktygul is a specialist in museum management and preservation of historical heritage, a researcher at the Osh Regional Museum of Fine Arts. She has experience working at two biggest museums of the country - the National Historical Museum of Kyrgyzstan and the National Historical and Archaeological Museum Complex "Sulaiman-Too". A member of International Council of Museums, a winner of the IV regional Central Asian festival "Open Asia - Open museum". In 2019, she received a Master's degree in cultural studies at the Higher School of Economics. Baktygul Midinova is the founder of the first museum shop in Osh. The main goal of the project: popularization of museum collections of museums of southern Kyrgyzstan through museum souvenirs, increase of tourist attractiveness of the south of Kyrgyzstan.


Cholpon Tentieva

Kyrgyz State House Museum named after Mikhail Frunze, Deputy Director, Bishkek 

Expert in international projects on museum industry, innovation, branding, advocacy, craft sector, creative industries and the preservation of tangible and intangible heritage. In 2017 - 2018 designed a program for the development of culture in the new transformation program of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic. She is a founder of the creative group “OYOUM” that united more than 200 talented youth. She is curator of international exhibition projects in Kyrgyzstan and abroad. Since 2013, she is an organizer and developer of the largest socio-cultural project in Kyrgyzstan“Night of Museums”. At the moment, Cholpon runs the first Art Gallery in Kyrgyzstan “Dubovyi Park” (Oak Park, 1935).


Daniyar Amanaliev

Ololo groups, co-founder and CEO, Bishkek

Till 2016, Daniar was managing the biggest tourist company in Kyrgyzstan. Besides tourist competence, Daniar has experience in consulting in strategic planning, finance and business-models building. Also, Daniar is the member of Government Board of Europian School in Central Asia the best international school in the Kyrgyz Republic.  


Dinara Chochunbaeva

Oimo Festival, Director, Bishkek 

Dinara Chochunbaeva is an artist and a member of the board of the Union of Artists of the Kyrgyz Republic. She is a researcher and international expert in crafts development, a UNESCO expert on intangible cultural heritage, former Central Asia vice president of the World Crafts Council for Asia and Pacific (2012-2016).


Dinara Ruslan

CodifyLab, co-founder and managing partner, Bishkek

Dinara has the most challenging and rewarding job at Zensoft. She oversees technical teams solving complex challenges and building innovative software every day. With an MBA from Lincoln University and a BS in Management Information Systems, she brings a wealth of expertise and extraordinary ability to connect clients with their development teams. Previously, Dinara was a leading analyst simultaneously managing several projects at the Wells Fargo Technical Operations Group in the United States of America. In that role, she was responsible for implementing regulated development processes, coordinating the work of the software development team, carrying out product quality control at all stages of work, and also playing a leading role in determining the direction of product development.


Dogdurgul Kendirbaeva

PF Roza Otunbaeva Initiative, Executive Director, Bishkek

Kendirbaeva Dogdurgul - coordinates the initiatives of the International Public Fund “Roza Otunbaeva's Initiative” to promote cultural diversity and education. Under her leadership, cultural programs were implemented such as: an interactive exhibition for the Zhibek Zholu family, Music for the Soul of the People, Education Festival, as well as cultural events such as Evenings of Poetry and Children's Philharmonic, creative camps for children. Books on the promotion of culture are published: “Germans in the History of Kyrgyzstan”, “Ballerina”, “Manas”, “Visit My Friends”. She has extensive experience working in international organizations and supreme government bodies, and also she writes books for children.