Creative Central Asia - Astana Forum is a new international conference series aiming to stimulate discussion and build relationships amongst cultural and creative economy leaders from the government, private sector and civil society in UK and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan). 

The Forum will take place on 24 and 25 November 2017 in Wyndham Garden Astana Hotel (6/1 Turar Ryskulov Street). It will gather 80 cultural and creative leaders from UK and Central Asia who were selected by the British Council and the Conference Strategy Group. You can also join the conference discussions through online channels. 

The goal of the Forum is to build an influential and engaged leadership network that drives forward the development of the cultural and creative economies of Central Asia in closer cooperation with the UK and contributes to enhanced economic and social development – ‘public good’ – in all participating countries.

During the Forum participants will identify and share good practice to enhance understanding of the complex landscape that makes up the cultural and creative economy (and the eco-system needed for it to thrive) and to better assess the potential of cultural goods and services to support national development. They will also agree priorities for future development based on a clear understanding of the current situation of Central Asia’s cultural and creative economies, supported where possible by collaborative action with the UK based on shared agendas.  

The working language of the Forum will be English and Russian with translation provided as required.