Last year’s conference focused very much on raising awareness of the sector’s international importance, establishing an evidence base and developing the future strategy. This year we were looking at how to turn strategy into action and develop a thriving cultural and creative sector 


National Culture and Promotion

Making sense of how culture can reflect a country’s view of itself and its place in the world. How does a nation’s different forms of cultural expression relate to the concept of ‘soft power’ and complex questions of identity? And how does this ‘feed’ the creative industries?

Re-setting the Baseline

Understanding where we are... what’s happened since last year’s conference that is significant for the creative economy in our countries

The Economy of ‘New’ Culture

Enabling innovation and entrepreneurship so that cultural and creative businesses can flourish... looking at the role of hubs, universities and skills

The Economy of ‘Old’ Culture: Re-working Heritage and Tourism for the 4th Industrial Age

How data and audience understanding can help us to innovate and develop a thriving sector for cultural tourism, museums and craft industries

Cultural Planning and the Future of the City

How does design and usage of the city enable development of the cultural and creative economy and who should be involved? How inclusive can we be?