The exhibition is part of the City Nomads project, which is a creative experiment aimed to describe the cultural identity of a modern-day nomad.

City Nomads 2016: Turning Back to our Roots

Working on City Nomads in 2016, we explored the context in which the nomadic civilisation had once flourished. Project participants turned to the roots – the mental and natural landscape surrounding our ancestors. By studying connections with the past, they tried to explain the nature of the present.

The first City Nomads exhibition took place in London from 23 June to 23 September 2016 and attracted over 12,000 visitors. The exhibition was part of London Festival of Architecture and London Design Festival.

City Nomads 2016.

City Nomads 2017: Future Environment

At this stage of the City Nomad project, we switch from the past to the future by establishing creative dialogue between craftspeople and designers. The former preserve heritage and follow traditions while the latter experiment and create new forms. In 2017, City Nomads participants conducted a research to formulate what ‘city nomads’ means and identify cultural codes typical of their lifestyle.