Astana’s streets have come to life and want to talk to you!

Between 11 August and 30 September the Salem, Astana project will provide a unique opportunity for the residents and visitors of Astana to “talk” to the city. Through interactive communication with city objects we’ll create dialogue between you, other citizens and the city. The project will help you to know what people dream of, are concerned with and strive for, as well as their moods, opinions and memories.

How does it work?

  1. Find out a number or address of the house/building you are interested in.
  2. Send a Facebook message using the Messenger app to the user SalemAstana2017
  3. With a following text: “Salem STREET NAME #housenumber”. E.g.: «Salem Respublika#3». 
  4. Talk to the city.

We invite you to take part in our project and share your observations about the places you studied in, work, spend your free time, or live.

You’ll get an opportunity not only to talk to the city, but a have a different view of the places and objects in it that you probably haven’t noticed before, as well as learn what people think about – for example when they hurry for work or collect their children from kindergarten.

Salem, Astana is part of Playable City, an international project using urban architecture and “smart city” technology to create new bonds between people and the city.

About Playable City

Playable City is an international project involving urban architecture and “smart city” technology to create links between citizens, as well as between citizens and the city. Placing interactive installations in city landscapes, Playable City engages the city and its citizens in dialogue with each other.

The project has been run on five continents and shown in cities as diverse as Bristol and Tokyo. Astana will see it for the first time during EXPO 2017.


PAN is an experimental design studio set up in 2011 that focuses on interactive city projects using digital technology. Its clientele include Google, Microsoft, the British Parliament, and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.