Flexibility is the characteristic that defines the nomads and in modern Kazakhstani society this phenomenon still exists.

Liza Kin’s folding bed is made of components found in Almaty’s flea markets. A folding bed is a micro home, which can be moved from place to place. Its lightness, portability and simplicity tells Liza’s personal story: when returning to Almaty from Saint Petersburg after several years of study, Liza had to leave her favourite belongings behind to embrace her new life. Oleg Zuyev’s photographs are the illustration of this travel. 

The pavilion by Atomik Architecture embodies the spirit of Kazakhstan; past, present and future.

The design of this construct is inspired by the traditional homes of the Kazakh nomad. These simple circular, transportable buildings are an elegant expression of the nomad’s physical and spiritual life. The external layers are made from felt sheets laid over a simple timber frame and lattice walls. The interiors are richly decorated with woven and embroidered motifs derived from nature and geometry. 

liza and Atomik Architecture

Liza Kin was born and grew up in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She studied textile arts in St. Petersburg Stieglitz Academy of Arts and Industry and also in the Zhurgenev Kazakh National Academy of Arts. Later Liza expanded her interests to include painting, photography and interior design. One of Liza’s on-going projects is PINK PONG Bar, where emphasis is placed on bright design and modern culture.

Atomik Architecture. When we set up Atomik we had an idea of a practice that was about indivisibility. It was about bringing together an uncommonly diverse group of people who would collaborate to become something more than the sum of its constituent parts. The work we’ve produced together is equally surprising and varied, but it’s unified by themes of habitation and inevitability that are relevant whatever the culture of the client or the scope of the project.

Statics and Dynamics. The whole history of human civilisation is somewhat of a fight between these two interchangeable conditions.